Yu-Gi-Oh! 3.75 Inch Figures Review

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Editor's Review

We were quite charmed with the World’s Smallest Yu-Gi-Oh! Line, but these toys have been brought to an all new scale. Literally! These 3.75 inch figures come packaged on blister cards which show off every side of the figure, which is nice if you prefer to keep it mint in on card. The solo figures we have to look at include Kuriboh, Relinquished, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Red-Eyes Black Dragon, and the GOAT, Dark Magician. We also have 3 dual packs: Blue-Eyes and Gate Guardian, Red-Eyes and Harpy Lady, and Exodia the Forbidden One and Castle of Dark Illusions.


The figures that would have a hard time standing on their own include a display stand, which is much appreciated. The sculpts on these figures are pretty nice for their size across the board, but the paint detailing runs the gamut from “clean” to “slightly off”. It’s not that noticeable unless you inspect up close, but keen eyed collectors will clock the imperfections quickly. Some figures have some basic articulation, but it feels more like a consequence of the assembly rather than purposefully engineered poseability. Lastly, each figure comes with a miniature monster card, which looks especially nice displayed on-card or in box. Out of box, it might be tricky to know where to display it effectively. In summary, not all of the figures in this line are created equal, but some highlights include both “Eyed” Dragons, which look excellent, Relinquished, Castle of Dark Illusions, and Kuriboh. How can you not love little Kuriboh?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Super Impulse 3.75

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We recommend both Dragons, Relinquished, Castle of Dark Illusions, and Kuriboh in particular. The other figures are nice enough toys for their size, making for good desk displays or role playing toys, but hardcore collectors may be left wanting.


  • Their sculpts are well detailed.
  • Most include display stands to keep them upright.
  • They look mighty fine unboxed thanks to the exclusive accompanying mini monster cards. 


  • There are some paint imperfections on a few figures when viewed up close.
  • Limited to absent poseability.

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