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Editor's Review

Give your kids a screen-free way to stay entertained that’s easy to take on the go with Yoto Mini. TTPM reviewed the original Yoto player back in 2020, and this smaller version works in much the same way except it fits in the palm of your hand.

With your Yoto Mini, you’ll get a USB-C charging cord, a Make Your Own Card, a lanyard, and a set-up guide. Set-up requires downloading the Yoto app and following the in-app instructions. You will need wi-fi for this part, as well as for downloading content from the cards, but after that, kids will be able to listen without wi-fi. Parents continue to use the app to manage controls and settings.

There’s a variety of card content, from the newly released LEGO Duplo content to classic storybooks, such as Corduroy and Junie B. Jones. Just insert a card, and it starts playing. As kids listen, the pixel display brings the audio to life. Additional card content is sold separately. The Yoto Mini can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker.

With 20 hours of battery life per charge, kids can listen to their favorite stories, music, podcasts, and more all day. The compact size means it’s easy to take on the go, and a 3.5mm headphone jack lets kids listen quietly in the car, on an airplane, or at the doctor’s office.

The Yoto Mini can also play white noise, sleep sounds, and more, plus it functions as an “ok-to-wake” clock for sleep training.

You can also purchase an Adventure Jacket Mini in a variety of color options. This silicone carry-coat fits snugly over your Yoto Mini to protect it from bumps. A matching lanyard is included.

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Should I get it?

There’s a vast content library for this entertainment device, ensuring that there’s something for every kid to listen to. And the smaller size of the Mini version means it’s easy to take on the go. If you want to keep your kid entertained and engaged away from a TV, computer, or phone screen, then you’ll like this easy-to-use audio system.


Small size is easy to take on the go
Easy to use
Card content includes music, stories, and more
Screen-free way to entertain kids



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