X-Shot FaZe Clan Respawn and Ragequit Blasters Review

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Editor's Review

The Faze Clan Blaster’s gimmick is that almost the entire body is made from clear plastic, letting you see the inner mechanisms, which are molded in red. When you load your foam pellet ammo, you can see them inside the chamber. If you try to load too many pellets, some will fall out, which can be a nuisance, at least with the Respawn, since the ammo reservoir is facing downward. Once the blaster is loaded, press the release button to make sure the spring loader moves the pellets automatically into firing position between shots. After that, it’s just a matter of priming, and firing. Both blasters come with extra pellets, in case you misplace a few.

The Ragequit’s pump is underhand, making it easier to prime, the ammo is parallel with the chamber up top, so it’s easier to see at a glance, and it has a target reticle that actually helps you aim better! Plus it has good hand-feel. It’s big, but also light. The Respawn is a nice blaster, but it’s a little more finicky than the Ragequit, ironically, given the naming convention. The pump is on top, so it can feel awkward, and it doesn’t spring back into place, necessitating that you both pull and push. The Ragequit does this too, but as mentioned, it’s much easier, ergonomically. The ammo reservoir is facing down and has no cap beyond the spring loaded feeder. Most of the time this stops ammo leakage, but not always. Both blasters fire with a good amount of force, so don’t aim at faces! Due to the shape of the ammo, you’ll be chasing these around a lot more than the standard dart. There’s also a built-in hatch for clearing jams, but thankfully, we never had to use it. Last but not least, both blasters include a working safety.

X-Shot FaZe Clan Respawn and Ragequit Blasters

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Both the Respawn and the Ragequit are fun blasters with a very unique gimmick. It’s very cool to actually see how the mechanisms work.

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