WWE Wrekkin’ Slamcycle with Drew McIntyre Action Figure Review

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Editor's Review

Drive or destroy the Wrekkin’ Slamcycle motorcycle, with real rolling wheels and 9 breakaway pieces! It includes 6 inch Drew McIntyre basic action figure with 10 points of articulation, True FX enhanced facial detailing for life-like authenticity, and realistic ring gear. There is a second gas tank that is dented up. The front end can spring around to show a broken light. There is also a fold down part underneath to make the bike hold the pose of being in a wheelie. The pieces are a bit tricky to put back together, but all that doesn’t matter because you can slam or throw your new toy down and it’s totally okay!

WWE Wrekkin’ Slamcycle with Drew McIntyre Action Figure

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Drew is very well articulated. The quality is great and you can pose the figure and motorcycle together.

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