WWE Wrekkin’ Slam N’ Stack Forklift with Brock Lesnar Figure Review

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Editor's Review

The Wrekkin’ Slam N’ Stack Forklift is ready to be played with right out of the box, no assembly required.  A great perk of the toy is that it includes a figure of Brock Lesnar, known in the circuit for utilizing this machine to demolish his opponents. The forklift itself is very nicely detailed in the mold department. It’s covered with details like tire treads, rivets, vents, and the most impressive part, the chain conveyor on the front of forklift itself. The color separation is also nice, it has a good balance of silver, dark gray, black and blue, with details here and there illustrated with stickers. The lack of paint is actually a good thing, since you’ll be handling this toy a lot! The forklift has 6 breakaway pieces that can be used as props in your WWE battles. The “wooden” pallet even breaks in half, which makes for some comical role play scenes. The pieces come off without much trouble, but also stick on with nice big pegs, so they stay on solidly. Brock has somewhat limited poseability in the hips, but he does have the articulation necessary to sit in the driver’s seat and grasp the steering wheel, and the forklift rolls well on all 4 wheels. Raise the forklift to the top of the cab and connect the cab roof to make a launching mechanism for big ol Broccoli. This toy has a ton of features and includes a figure, what more do you need?

WWE forklift

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Should I get it?

This is an awesome singular toy that will instantly liven up any collection of WWE figures, thanks to the play features. We definitely recommend it!


  • It has a wealth of molded detail.
  • It has breakaway parts for optional play.
  • There are play mechanics such as the launcher and forklift action.
  • It includes a Brock Lesnar figure. So often, cool accessory sets fail to include a figure, and we’re happy to see this is not an issue!


  • The Brock Lesnar figure’s articulation is a bit limited in some areas.

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