WWE Wrekkin’ Slam Crusher Monster Truck Review

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Editor's Review

The Wrekkin’ Slam Monster Truck is the latest in the lineage of the WWE Wrekkin’ series of vehicles, which are known for their high play value, intricate sculpts, and breakaway parts. In terms of size, this Monster Truck gives last year’s Wrekkin’ Rig a run for its money. It has a huge presence, accentuated by the exaggerated proportions. It has gigantic wheels and a ginormous frame, with both accentuating the colossal nature of the other. You’ll notice a high level of mechanical detail underneath the truck, around the suspension, as well as in the interior, which is covered in steel tread plate, and even an upholstered seat. While the truck has sculpted detail in spades, it lacks any real paint, but this is actually a positive. You’ll be getting your mitts all over this toy and tearing it panel from panel, so this avoids the issue of paint scuffing altogether. That being said, some well-placed stickers help fill in details around the body of the truck like the headlights, grill, and decorative decals.


The truck rolls very nicely, but it’s capable of so much more! Find a seam line and gently but firmly pull apart to remove pieces of the truck. In total there are 8 breakaway pieces which span the truck body, seat, lights and more. You can even remove the tires for even more play options! Many of the breakaway pieces have opportune areas for any WWE Mattel Figures (sold separately) to grip them and use them in combat. The frame of the truck also makes for an excellent handhold for posing. If you do have a figure on hand, you can seat them easily in the driver’s seat too. Ok, ok, we’ve established that it’s wrekkin, but in what regard does it slam? Glad you asked! Stand a figure on the back platform, then slam on the engine to send them flying! This truck has all the trappings for a brutal, boisterous battle.

Wrekkin Slam Crusher Monster Truck

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Should I get it?

This is practically a must-buy if you have any WWE Mattel figures already. The play value here is very high, you won’t be disappointed!


  • It works double duty as both play vehicle and playset.
  • The breakaway parts are easy to remove and put back on.
  • The level molded detail is high.
  • It has plenty of play features if you have any WWE figures.


  • No WWE figure is included.

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