WOWmazing Giant Bubble Kits Review

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Editor's Review

Blow giant bubbles with the WOWmazing Giant Bubble Kits, now available in unicorn and space themes. Each kit comes with two pouches of bubble concentrate, a set of bubble wands, and a Tips & Tricks booklet. You’ll mix one pouch of concentrate with four cups of tap water, gently mixing to avoid foam. Then fully dip the string into the bubble solution, and lift the string into the air. Slowly spread apart the two tips of the wands and let the breeze behind you blow a big bubble outward. The Tips & Tricks booklet tells you how to make spiral loops, bubbles in a bubble, make two bubbles at a time, and how to blow bubbles if it’s not a breezy day.

The original kit has green sticks with a red string, while the unicorn kit comes with white sticks and multi-colored string. There are also sun-activated stickers for decorating the sticks and watching a color-reveal when the sun hits the stickers. The space edition sticks are blue with multi-colored string, and eight glow-in-the-dark stickers are included.

WOWmazing Giant Bubble Kits

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These bubble kits were really easy to use and resulted in lots of big bubbles and excitement. It was really fun to watch big bubbles and long bubble snakes fly through the air. Kids and adults will like this cool way to play with bubbles and have fun outside.

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