World’s Smallest My Little Pony, Trouble, Nerf Eaglepoint RD-8, Barbie, and Tech Deck Review

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Editor's Review

All your favorite things are small! From My Little Pony to Tech Deck, collect some of your favorite toys in miniature size with World’s Smallest. 

The World’s Smallest My Little Pony features a poseable figure of Izzy Moonbow. Yes, this teeny pony’s leg really moves when you press its tail. You can also collect Hitch Trailblazer and Pip Petals in this size. 

World’s Smallest Barbie features the fashion doll dressed up as a Cowgirl. The doll has rooted hair and comes with a removable blue cowboy hat. A two-piece doll stand keeps her on display. You can also collect Roller Blade Barbie in this size. 

The World’s Smallest Nerf Eaglepoint RD-8 is a miniature version of the real Elite 2.0 Nerf blaster. It comes with 12 mini Nerf darts, and you can actually launch them using this blaster’s pump action. A Rapidstrike CS-18 and Longshot CS-6 are also available to collect.

You can really play the World’s Smallest Trouble game. It comes with 16 pegs that move around the mini game board according to your dice roll. Pop the bubble in the center to see how far you get to move. If you get all four of your Trouble pegs into your Finish zone first, then you win.

And World’s Smallest Tech Deck Series 2 features six mini fingerboards to collect. Attach the wheels and then decorate your board with the stickers.

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Should I get it?

It’s always really fun to see favorite toys in this tiny size, and even more fun when you realize that these toys have real working features. All of these will be fun for fans young and old to collect and play with.


Variety of mini toys to collect
Working features
Inspire imaginative play


Some were hard to put together and play with

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