World’s Smallest Micro Figures Yu-Gi-Oh! Review

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Editor's Review

The Yu Gi Oh! Micro Figures we have to look at include Kuribo, Harpy Lady, Red Eyes Black Dragon, and of course, Blue Eyes White Dragon. They come in small, super appealing plastic cases, molded to resemble a carded bubble, or a windowed box package. The printed detail on the “packaging” elements is really sharp and well done, despite how small it is! The plastic used is thick, sturdy, and quite transparent, allowing you to admire the figure within. Of course, you can always do a second unboxing as well and take the figure out via the hidden door.

The figures themselves have a respectable amount of molded detail for their size, and paint apps that accentuate these details. The dragons have a pearlescent finish to their hide that looks nice under the light. Their necks also rotate. Harpy Lady and Kuribo come with tiny clear stands to help them display out of box. Lastly, each figure comes with a super small monster card sticker with classic illustrations that will fill you up with nostalgia.

World's Smallest Yu Gi Oh 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

If you’re a collector of SUPER small scale figures, strongly consider picking these up! They have excellent shelf presence, and make a great novelty gift for any Yu-Gi-Oh! fan.


  • The boxes look excellent.
  • The sculpts are well detailed.
  • The paint while simple, is just enough to accentuate the monster’s iconic designs.
  • The Dragons and Harpy Lady have articulation, and Kuribo and Harpy Lady include stands.
  • Each figure also includes a mini card sticker.


  • None!

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