Wooden Sorting Stacking Toy and Shape Sorter Cube Toy Review

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Editor's Review

The Geometric Intelligence Board! This set comes with the board, 12 pieces in four different shapes; rectangle, square, circle, and triangle. Each set has a different color and shape so that the baby can learn the color and shape during the learning process. You can use it to exercise your baby’s hand and eye movements, and enhance your baby’s ability to recognize the same things.

Then there’s the Shape Sorter Cube Toy! This wood shape sorter cube comes with 12 shapes for sorting bright colors and its chunky size make it easy for little hands to grasp, and encourages development of not only problem solving skills, shape and color recognition, but fine motor skills and dexterity as well. It’s made of safe wood material and non-toxic water paint. Specially customized with a rubber ring, the lid of this wooden toy cube will not open easily. Edges of the shapes are smooth and there is no wood splintering so no worries about splinters.

Wooden Sorting Stacking Toy and Shape Sorter Cube Toy

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The bright colors make this toy visually stimulating. Combine counting, sorting, matching with both sets. It’s a hands-on learning experience.

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