Wizarding World Harry Potter Hermione Light-Up Patronus Doll Review

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Editor's Review

Now you can cast a Patronus charm just like Hermione with the Wizarding World Harry Potter Hermione Light-Up Patronus. This eight-inch doll wears her Hogwarts school uniform and comes with eight accessories, including her wand, Gryffindor robes, otter Patronus, two school books, a feather quill and ink pot, two spell shields, and one magic spell accessory.

First off, clip the larger spell shield to Hermione’s right wrist, and then attach the wand to her hand. Stick the otter Patronus to the end of the spell shield, and press the button on the doll’s stomach to activate a light in the doll’s hand that makes it look like the Patronus is glowing. You can do the same thing with the smaller shield and spell accessory if you want to pretend that Hermione is casting a different glowing spell.

Use the other accessories to play out a school day for Hermione or other favorite scenes from the books and movies.

Wizarding World Harry Potter Hermione Light-Up Patronus Doll

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We really like how easy it is to activate the light-up feature, and how cool the translucent accessories look in the glow. The eight accessories give fans different ways to play with Hermione, inspiring a lot of imaginative play with a favorite character.

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