Wizarding World Harry Potter Enchanting Hedwig Review

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Editor's Review

Your letter to Hogwarts is coming, and it’s being delivered by none other than Hedwig herself. With the Wizarding World Harry Potter Enchanting Hedwig, kids can bring this snowy owl character to life through interactive features and more than 15 sounds and movements.

Hedwig comes on a wooden-looking stand with a golden comb and a Hogwarts letter in an envelope. Turn on the bird and pet her for sounds and movement, but don’t pet her the wrong way or you’ll ruffle her feathers. If you put Hedwig in listening mode by holding her head for a few seconds, then she’ll respond to your voice. The bird does not like loud sounds, however. And if you open her beak, she’ll nibble your finger. Hedwig can also be removed from the stand by gently picking up the owl by the feet.

The included Hogwarts letter is blank so that kids can write whatever they want on it. Then, after making sure Hedwig is in a good mood by petting her until she makes happy noises, open the owl’s beak and insert the envelope into the slot on the tongue. To make sure Hedwig delivers the envelope to the right person, pet her head three times for a happy reaction. Then you can remove the envelope and Hedwig will do a happy dance. If you go through this process when Hedwig is not happy, she’ll start hissing and making mean sounds at you when you take the envelope.

Wizarding World Harry Potter Enchanting Hedwig

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We like the interactivity of this toy and think it’s going to be a lot of fun for Harry Potter fans. Kids will enjoy caring for Hedwig, pretending to be Harry, and making up their own wizard adventures.

However, it does take several minutes of petting and playing to make Hedwig happy, so kids won’t be able to play out the letter delivery right away, unless they don’t mind Hedwig hissing at them. We’re sure kids can just pretend the owl is doing a happy dance.

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