Wits & Wagers Vegas Edition Game Review

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Editor's Review

Hit the jackpot, collect your winnings and use them to wager on the next round. Designed for ages 13 and up, the set comes with a Vegas styled Felt Mat, Dry Erase boards & Markers, question cards, poker chips, and betting tokens. The questions are fun and interesting making it a hilarious edition to game night! Wits with Wagers in a Vegas Edition board game that adds excitement to any party.

Wits & Wagers Vegas Edition Game

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For groups of 5 or more, players can play individually or in teams, as one player reads a question out loud, while other players write down their answer and places it face down on the betting mat. Flip the boards to reveal and sort the answers from the smallest to largest with the smallest on red, and largest on black. Does the correct answer win? Nope, not necessarily because after the guesses are revealed, everyone places wager on what they think is closest to the right answer. Ridiculous guesses make it even more fun. Place betting tokens on your own guess and someone elses, or on ALL GUESSES ARE TOO HIGH, or Red 1 to 1, and Black 1 to 1. You can also bet both on the same space. The winning guess that’s closest without going over wins!

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