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Editor's Review

The Whirly Board is a product simple in form and concept, but complex in its benefits. It’s made of very high quality sanded and polished wood for its base, and has transparent grip tape on top. Underneath, two small hemispheres cover each end of the board, and a large one is perfectly centered in the middle. The decor is minimalistic, allowing the natural wood color to shine, with subtle white lines and graphic gray, green, and beige accents. If you’d like yours to look a bit different, the Whirly Board website offers multiple different options, and even custom designs.


First off, find a carpet or rug on which to use the Whirly Board, as hard surfaces may damage the product, or lower your level of control during use. Stabilize yourself on something as you place your feet shoulder width apart and get on the board. Then, let go and try to balance. It’s far harder than it looks! Whirly Board’s manufacturer explains that practicing with the board can help exercise key areas of the body, like the abs, lats, lower back and more, while improving your agility and balance. They also claim it is useful for training your mind, which makes sense to us; balancing on the board requires a very specific combination of quick reactions and a calm disposition. The more you freak out, the more likely you are to lose balance. Even if you do though, the smaller hemispheres help mitigate tipping at an extreme angle all at once, letting you better catch yourself. The grip tape is also very effective at keeping your feet from slip sliding around.

Whirly Board 780 x 780

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Should I get it?


  • It’s extremely sturdy and well made.
  • The engineering prioritizes ease of use and safety.
  • It’s easy to try, try again even if at first you don’t succeed.
  • There are several different decor options available on the home website


  • The need for a textured surface like carpet to safely use the Whirly Board
  • The steep learning curve.

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