What the Fluff? Interactive Pet Review

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Editor's Review

Your new pet features over 100 exciting sounds and reactions and has a surprise pet reveal! Play with your shy and timid What the Fluff toy to encourage her out of hiding and earn her trust. You can pet, roll, shake, toss, and turn her upside down – when your fluff is feeling more comfortable, she reveals her ears! Keep playing, and her eyes will peek out, too! Once they fully trust you, you’ll hear the celebration song and she’ll transform from fluff to pet! As you play, you’ll unlock more of her sweet and silly personality.

What the Fluff?

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Should I get it?

This is great for kids ages 5 years and up!


  • There are tons of sounds and reactions
  • It’s full of surprises
  • They’re small enough to carry around


  • None

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