WeWearCute Cool Maker So Glittery Hand Spa Review

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Editor's Review

The So Glittery Hand Spa includes an exclusive Orbeez Spin and Soothe Hand Spa, 1,000 Orbeez seeds to grow, plus a nail file and two colors of glitter to customize two glittery manicures without any nail polish needed! Pour the Orbeez seeds into a bowl of water and watch as they begin to magically grow. In four hours, you’ll have juicy grown Orbeez. Add them into the spa, press the button and place one hand inside the spa’s bowl for a soothing hand massage as the Orbeez swirl around! Next, design your manicure. Lay the double-sided nail stickers onto your nails, peel the backings, and smooth the edges of your nails with the nail file. Dip the mini glitter brush into one of the glitter pots, or mix and match both colors to make your nails sparkle! Add nail stickers to complete your trendy custom mani! To remove your glitter nails, simply pinch and peel to remove the double-sided nail stickers.

WeWearCute Cool Maker So Glittery Hand Spa

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It’s mess free which is ideal. Makes for a fun DIY activity and it’s easy to remove the manicure.

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