Wacky Wubble and Wubble Comet Review

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Editor's Review

It looks like a bubble and plays like a ball, and now it has prickly, tickly spikes. The Wacky Wubble is the Super Wubble bubble ball with silly spikes that wiggles, jiggle, move, and sway as you play and creating the illusion it’s alive. Wacky Wubble bubble balls inflate to a huge 24″ in minutes. Use your Iung power or a standard battery-operated pump to inflate.

Wubble Comet puts on a cosmic show! It streaks through the air, glowing blue with a shimmering light tail. Just insert the nozzle and blow into the self-sealing valve to inflate your ball up to 12″. Activate the LED lights and watch a super-cool light show as you kick, toss, and catch your Wubble. Lights reactivate each time they sense motion.

Wacky Wubble and Wubble Comet

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Both are lightweight. They’re squishy and bouncy fun. Also, makes a fun time for the whole family.

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