VTech Switch and Go Dragon Roadhog Review

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Editor's Review

The Switch & Go Dragon Roadhog is a mechanically simple, yet visually complex toy that can convert from car mode to dragon mode with the push of a button. First off, let’s look at the Dragon Mode. There’s no paint to speak of, but this is actually a good thing! The toy manages to have interesting decor and color separation with molded plastic alone, so no need to worry about paint chipping. Also, the molded detail is radical, reminiscent of giant demolition derby mecha dinosaurs, but way more futuristic. The dragon can roll near its center of gravity, on the back wheels, and you get lights and sounds by flipping on the switch underneath. Press the action button to prompt voice lines and lights. The face panel also animates in a very cool and charming way.


Fold the tail upright and over to transform into car mode. You may also have to finesse the back legs, but once you transform it a few times, you’ll get a sixth sense for it. I’m impressed with how good this toy looks in both car and dragon modes, minus the obvious wheels, you almost can’t tell that it transforms! The digital panel also changes to reveal the owner of the wise-cracking voice, a daring driver/pilot. To change back, press the button on top. On our copy, the dragon’s snout would sometimes get caught, but it’s meant to transform in one quick motion.

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Should I get it?

This toy screams “cool”.  If you know a young child who loves dinosaurs, dragons, and cars, this is a recipe for a good time!


  • The molded detail is streamlined, sharp and awesome-looking.
  • The absence of paint means no paint chipping to worry about.
  • It has lights and sounds, plus two play modes.
  • It includes demo batteries.


  • The transformation can get stuck, which takes some shine off of the “auto transforming” feature a bit.

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