VTech Kick and Score Playgym Review

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Editor's Review

If you’re looking for a toy that will have your baby scoring nothing but goals, then look no further than the Kick & Score Playgym from VTech. This toy is meant for babies from birth up. You can first put them on their back, then use it for tummy time, and then when they’re sitting up. The gym includes a detachable plush soccer ball, detachable flag cards, detachable plush trophy, a kettlebell weight, and a barbell. The activity panel is also detachable. Once your baby is walking, you can use the playgym as a goal and the detachable soccer ball as the ball. It does require 3 AA which are not included with the rest of the product. I love that there are so many ways to play with this toy. When Riley was younger, he loved to lay on the mat and play with toys on the giraffe on the side of his head. He would also kick  his feet which sometimes hit the soccer ball that is attached in the middle, but it didn’t happen all the time. I like that you didn’t have to keep pressing buttons on the play gym for it to make sounds because, every 30 seconds or so, it would light up and make a noise. So it kept Riley interested for a while. However, now that Riley is almost one, he enjoys pressing the buttons himself and using the toy to stand. He also really likes the kettlebell because it makes noise when you move it. Unfortunately, the base isn’t weighted so when he uses it to stand, it immediately falls over. Now it’s time for the pros and cons! 

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Should I get it?

I love that it was great for my stationary baby and it’s still a great toy for my walking toddler.


  • The toy grows with your child
  • You don’t have to constantly press the buttons on it so it makes noise and lights up.


  • If your baby uses it to stand, it falls over easily.

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