Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus and Beetle Review

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Editor's Review

Let’s start with the Volkswagen Beetle! This set comes with, of course, the Volkswagen, a roof rack that holds some of the accessories, removable roof, three PLAYMOBIL figures, and tailgate that can be opened, a surfboard, cool box, sand toys and many other accessories.

It has all the characteristic features that make it unique, such as the curved fenders, the VW logo, the vertical windshield, the blue paint, and the typical rear hood with a 4-cylinder boxer engine. Inside the car, the interior has beige seats, a dashboard, and a movable steering wheel. On the back seat there is space for the child.

Next, we have the Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus! We’ve got another vehicle to road trip in and what a great way to travel in then this iconic red and white-colored van! This set includes two figures, luggage, map, camera, food supplies, and other accessories. It’s fully equipped with a mini-kitchen, fold-down seating that converts into a sleeping area, and plenty of storage space. Remove the roof to access the camper’s interior, seating figures at the table, or behind the wheel. Open the two side doors to reveal shelves for your non-perishable foods and a fold-down vanity with mirror. When you’re ready to continue your adventure, pack away supplies in the truck and stow your luggage securely under the straps on the roof rack.

Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus and Beetle

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Tons of role play fun is involved with both sets. Fine motor skills and coordination is involved. Kids can develop storylines and these are perfectly designed with amazing detail!

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