Vlad & Niki Shake ‘Ems Vlad’s F1 Racer and Niki’s Monster Truck Review

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Editor's Review

Shake and race with some of your favorite YouTube stars! The Vlad & Niki Shake ‘Ems vehicles will really start racing after you shake them. The more you shake, the farther they roll, up to 25 feet. And each one features real voice and racing sound effects.

The line includes Vlad’s F1 Racer, a blue, yellow, and orange racecar with Vlad & Niki sticker logos. There’s a driver behind the wheel, and while it’s not a removable figure, you can move the head from side to side. There’s also Niki’s Monster Truck, an orange and blue vehicle with large wheels and themed sticker decals. This one also has a non-removable and non-poseable figure behind the wheel.

For both vehicles, you turn them on, lift them and shake them to rev the motor, and then set them down to watch them speed away. If they bump into a wall or other obstacle and stop, pick them up and shake them again to keep playing.

Vlad & Niki Shake ‘Ems Vlad’s F1 Racer and Niki’s Monster Truck

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The most fun thing about these toys? The distance! In testing these on a hard, smooth surface, we found that they really do go about 25 feet when given a good shake. Kids will like how easy it is to rev up the motors and send the cars racing. (The cars are sold separately, and if you have both of them, it will be fun to race them together.) The Vlad and Niki phrases combined with the racing sound effects really enhance the imaginative play.

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