Vlad & Niki Crazy Rocketship Playset and Collectible Action Figures Review

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Editor's Review

The Vlad and Niki Crazy Rocketship Playset has tons of toys to unwrap and play with. The rocket ship stands 12.5″ tall and fits all the surprises inside which will come in handy once you’re ready to store everything away after playing. Inside you get 4 action figures, 2 vehicles, water squirter, sticker sheet, and rub on tattoos. What steps this fun playset up a notch is that inside the rocket are built in floors with background photos of scenes to expand on the play.

The next set of toys are different assortments of Vlad and Niki collectibles. Here we’ve got 4 sets, but there are a total of 6 to collect with 4 points of articulation. Also, each one has a bonus toy that kids have to unbox. There’s “Vlad with Two-Wheel Scooter”, “Firefighter Vlad with Fire Hose”, “Racer Niki with Go-Kart”, and “Niki with Three-Wheel Scooter”.

Vlad & Niki Crazy Rocketship Playset and Collectible Action Figures

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The Vlad and Niki Crazy Rocketship is a surprise unboxing experience. You don’t know what’s inside the rocket ship until you unwrap the toy. It’s great for Vlad & Niki fans too. There are two levels of play to elevate the fun and when playtime is over you can place everything back in the rocket ship. The collectibles are also fun! There are various ones to collect. Each one comes with a surprise and you can add these to other sets.

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