VIP Pets Spring Vibes Series 4 and Mini Fans Spring Vibes Series 3 Review

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Editor's Review

Spring is in swing over at the VIP Pets salon! The fourth series of VIP Pets is here with 12 different pets to collect, each with nine surprises. Inside the shampoo bottle, there’s a shimmery shower curtain covering the pet. Twist the bottle’s cap to watch the flower curtain rise and reveal the pet. Remove the pet and unbox the mystery accessories, then place the pet in her chair and get styling. (The suction cup is supposed to keep the chair in place, but ours didn’t stick very well.) Each pet has super long hair, perfect for adding flower tattoos. The flower tiara is the finishing touch, and you can even mix and match the flowers among all the Spring Vibes pets you collect. Additional accessories may include a brush, hair bands, and hair clips, and the collector’s guide provides styling tips and ideas to try. Plus, it lets you keep track of your Spring Vibes pet collection. Will you collect the rare Jasmine style?

The third series of VIP Pets Mini Fans comes in a flower-topped shampoo bottle with six surprises inside. Open the bottle to reveal one of 12 different pets. Maybe you’ll find the rare Coco style. From there, you’ll find different accessories to help style your pet’s long hair, such as hair clips and a tiara. Use stickers to decorate the inside of the shampoo bottle playset, and display your pet or extra accessories on the shelf. With the pet on the shelf, press the flower cap to make scented confetti fall onto the pet.

VIP Pets Spring Vibes Series 4 and Mini Fans Spring Vibes Series 3

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We like the flowery theme of both collections. The rising curtain reveal of the VIP Pets is not as messy as the reveals used to be, which parents will like. With each series there’s always some new hair accessory or feature, and the flower tattoos in this one are pretty cool. The scented confetti with the Mini Fans is a pretty cool feature, even if it is a little messy. Both of these offer fun unboxing experiences with lots of creative play once kids have revealed all the surprises.

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