VIP Pets Series 2 Glitter Twist and Mini Fans Review

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Editor's Review

If you love VIP Pets, then you’ll be happy to know these collectible critters are back for series 2, and they are bringing the sparkle. VIP Pets Glitter Twist features 12 new characters, each with super long glittery hair. Plus, there are nine surprises to reveal. Even the pretend mousse bottles have glitter accents.

Just like with series 1, check out the bottom of the bottle for accessories, including hair ties, a brush, hair clips, and more. Then pour water inside the bottle to give your pet a rinse and dissolve the colored shower cap to reveal the hair wrapped in a clear shower cap underneath. Remove the pet from the bottle, discard the shower cap, and use a wet washcloth (not included) to wash your pet’s face so you can reveal a surprise design. Your pet might also have some colored shower cap residue on it, so wash that off. Attach the suction cup base to the salon chair to keep your pet steady while you style. (Although, the pet still falls over sometimes.)

There are lots of ways to style your pet’s hair; use the pictures in the collector’s guide to inspire you. But for even more hairplay fun, collect the VIP Pets Mini Fans. This is a line of 12 smaller pets, and you might even see these characters appear in the VIP Pets episodes on YouTube. They come blind packaged in a heart-shaped container, along with surprise goodies and hair accessories for styling each pet’s extra-long hair.

Getting the heart open is confusing because the only instructions on the front of the package are “merge”. But don’t worry – when you remove the wrapping, there are picture instructions that make it clear you’re supposed to submerge the colorful fizzies on the bottom of the heart in water. This makes the fizzies fizz up and leave a rainbow trail in the water. Well, the yellow and purple were kind of visible. The blue not so much. After at least five minutes of waiting for the fizzies to completely disintegrate, you’ll then be able to open the heart. We were kind of disappointed that the heart didn’t magically pop open once the fizzies were done, and since the instructions say that this isn’t a bath toy, we’re kind of wondering what’s the point of the fizzing step.

Once the heart is open, there’s a blind bag to open that reveals your pet and its accessories. Assemble the two heart halves as a salon station with space for the pet to sit, and then use it as storage for the small accessories when you’re done playing.

VIP Pets Series 2 Glitter Twist and Mini Fans

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For kids who liked collecting series 1 of VIP Pets, the new glitter pets will be a fun addition to the surprise unboxing and creative hairplay. The Mini Fans are just another fun way for kids to collect and style, and we like the creativity of the unboxing, even if it is confusing and time consuming. Both of these toys engage kids in nurturing pet play as well as imaginative play, giving them an opportunity to play out the storylines from the YouTube series or make up their own stories, big and small.

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