VIP Pets Mini Fans Glam Gems Series 4 and Glam Gems Series 5 Review

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Editor's Review

Glam it up with new VIP Pets Mini Fans Glam Gems Series 4 and VIP Pets Glam Gems Series 5.

Both the Mini Fans and the VIP Pets come in glittery shampoo bottles. Once you remove the plastic covering from the shampoo bottles, a small slip of paper containing instructions falls off. Don’t throw that away! The rest of the unboxing is very simple.

For the Mini Fans, open the bottle and you’ve immediately revealed your pet, a sticker sheet, a blind bag of accessories, and a collector’s guide. The pet needs to be cut away from the bottle, and then you can remove the paper wrapping around its hair to see how long and colorful it is. Use the mystery accessories, which could include hair elastics, barrettes, headbands, and combs, to style and decorate the pet’s hair. We had some trouble getting the barrettes to clasp in the pet’s hair. Place the pet on its shelf inside the bottle and twist the diamond cap to release glitter, giving your pet’s hair a shiny finish. The glitter is messy, and it doesn’t stay in the pet’s hair very well. But you can open the diamond cap and place stray glitter back inside to reuse it. Decorate the pet’s bottle with the sticker sheet, and keep track of your collection on the collector’s guide. There are 12 common pets to collect and one rare pet.

For the VIP Pets, you’ve got to remove some tape before you can open the shampoo bottle, but once that’s done, open it to reveal your pet, an accessory, and a blind bag. The pet needs to be cut from its gemstone stand, and then you can remove the paper wrapping on its hair to get styling. Open the blind bag to reveal hair accessories, such as hair elastics, a comb, and a headband. Check out the collector’s guide to keep track of your collection and get inspiration for styling your pet’s hair. There are 12 common pets to collect and one rare pet. Don’t forget to open the glittery shampoo cap to reveal another surprise accessory. And pull down on the gem just under the cap for one more surprise! The gem heart on the front of the shampoo bottle can be removed and placed in the doll stand to create a seat for the pet. We weren’t super clear on which direction the heart should face because neither way really seemed to fit that well. There’s a suction cup base to keep everything in place as kids style.

VIP Pets Mini Fans Glam Gems Series 4 and Glam Gems Series 5

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Should I get it?

These will be fun to collect for kids who already own VIP Pets toys. The Glam Gems theme offers a new look for favorite characters and plenty of new opportunities for creative hairplay. There were a few features that were confusing or didn’t work as we had hoped, but those might not be too frustrating for kids.


  • New look for favorite characters
  • 2 series for the theme
  • Lots of accessories for creative hairplay


  • Messy glitter
  • Some barrettes didn’t work
  • Instructions were confusing

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