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Editor's Review

The VIP Pets are more than just very important pets – they’re celebripets! And kids can collect six pets in the new VIP Pets Celebripets series. Inside each golden bottle of shampoo is one mystery pet and more than 10 surprises. Pumping the shampoo dispenser releases the gold glitter into a storage container and reveals the pet. (The glitter is a liquid soap glitter and beware – it splatters.) Kids are going to love the looks of these new pets because they’ve got longer hair (12 inches!) and premium details, such as real eyelashes, glass eyes, and golden hair. That gold glitter you dispensed? Use it in your pet’s hair. And when you open up the shampoo bottle playset, you discover other fun accessories that can be added to your pet for lots of styling fun. There’s a mirror and styling chair so your pet can sit back, relax, and check out her new ‘do.

VIP Pets Celebripets

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Kids will really like the new unboxing method with this series, as well as the glam looks for the pets. The Celebripets series makes a great addition to any VIP Pets collection and will be lots of fun for kids who enjoy fashion play and pretend pet play.

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