Vikings of the Northern Lights and Protectors of the Rainbow Games Review

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Editor's Review

Take on the roles of Vikings, Dragons, Leprechauns, and Unicorns in brand-new active games from Starlux Games.

In Vikings of the Northern Lights, one team is Vikings and one team is Ice Dragons. The Vikings start with the empty Rod of Winter, while the Ice Dragons spread the five Glow Crystals across the playing field at least ten feet apart. The Vikings’ goal is to collect the crystals and add them to the Rod of Winter without getting frozen by the Ice Dragons. If a Viking is frozen, only a touch by the Rod of Winter can thaw them. If the Ice Dragons freeze all the Vikings, the Dragons win. But if the Vikings collect and attach all the crystals, they win.

Protectors of the Rainbow could be a fun parent versus kids game with the parents acting as Leprechauns and the kids acting as the Unicorns. Leprechauns hide the gems, the Unicorns search for them and bring them back to the rainbow, and when they insert the gems, the rainbow lights up. The manufacturer says you can also use the rainbow as a nightlight.

Vikings of the Northern Lights and Protectors of the Rainbow Games

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Both of these games are each going to be great for promoting active play, whether indoors or outdoors.

Vikings of the Northern Lights is a new twist on Capture the Flag. Players will love holding the cool Rod of Winter and finding the glowing crystals. We can see these game pieces being used for imaginative roleplay when not playing the regular game.

Protectors of the Rainbow is a super easy-to-learn game, and we like that there are many different ways to customize it — indoors, outdoors, time it, see who can collect the most gems first. However you want to play.

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