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Editor's Review

UNO Ultimate Marvel edition is very much UNO at its core; try to discard your entire hand before your opponents by matching either symbols or colors in the communal discard pile. However, there is quite a bit more added on top of the base game to make things more exciting. In addition to the standard number, color, and action cards, you’ll have to deal with unique Character Skill Wild Cards, Enemy Cards, and Event Cards. There’s also the new mechanic called “Burn”ing cards, which is essentially an immediate discard from your personal draw pile into a personal discard pile. You can also win by being the last player with cards in your draw pile, so try to burn as few cards as possible!

Think of this version of the game as 4 player UNO, where each player has their own unique deck. At the beginning, everyone’s purple Enemy and Event cards are combined to form the Danger Deck, which you’ll periodically draw from during the game to alter game-flow and keep things interesting. Each character comes with their own special wild cards, as well as a skill that you can use whenever it is your turn. Each character’s deck has its own strengths, so choose wisely! You can expand your pantheon of characters with add on decks, sold separately. Be the last player with a draw pile, or get rid of all the cards in your hand to win! It can be a lot to take in, but just jump in, follow the card prompts and you’ll be having fun in no time. Clean up can be kind of a chore, since it’s recommended that you separate and organize all the character specific danger cards back into their respective decks. But, as an added bonus, each game comes with a mystery booster pack with potentially rare foil cards inside!

UNO Ultimate Marvel Card Game

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Once you get acclimated to the new rules, UNO Ultimate Marvel Edition is a lot of fun for newcomers and veterans alike!

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