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Editor's Review

UNO Party is very familiar to  UNO classic, but made with more players in mind. This includes the introduction of not only of new cards, but new rules as well. UNO Party comes with a whopping 224 cards, double the size of a standard deck. To win, discard your hand by matching number or color to the current face up card in the middle. Sounds familiar, right? 

Well in addition to the hazards you know, you have new ones to worry about! Point Taken has normal play stopped temporarily to play a brief minigame. The drawer says and on one, all players point at another random player. Each player must then draw as many cards as there are fingers pointing at them. Wild Pile Up has the drawer take the top card from the draw pile and make a separate discard pile to pass around the table, as each player discards into it. The first player who can’t takes all the cards! Wild Drawn Together Cards have two players chosen at random linked together.  Until the status is changed, whenever one linked player draws cards, the other must do so as well. Lastly, there’s the Wild Draw Four Card. You can only play this card if you have nothing else in your deck that can be played. The next player can contest the card, and risk a hefty penalty, but if they catch you in a fib, you’ll be penalized instead. In addition to all this, there’s a new rule  where as long as you have an exact match of a card currently face up in the discard pile, you can play it, even if it isn’t your turn. This pandemonium is alleviated by quality of life cards like the rotation direction card and link cards to label linked players.

UNO Party

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UNO Party is a worthy variant to get even if you already have a classic set. The addition of new rules and cards makes the game feel much more chaotic and fast paced!


  • It opens the game up to even more players.
  • It has the familiar base of classic UNO, so it’s easy to jump into.
  • The new cards and rules make the game more dynamic and fast paced than ever!


  • None!

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