UNO Flip! Stranger Things Card Game Review

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Editor's Review

If you liked Mattel’s UNO Flip and you’re a fan of Stranger Things, then you’ll like playing the new card game UNO Flip Stranger Things with two special rules.

If you don’t know, UNO Flip plays like regular UNO, but there are two sides to the deck of cards: kind of like the Real World and the Upside Down. You start playing on the Real World side until someone plays a Flip card, and then everything gets flipped over. That’s right – the deck, the discard pile, and the cards in your hand. The Upside Down side has different Action cards with much stiffer penalties. You have to play this side until someone plays another Flip card to flip everything back to the Real World. As always, the player who plays all of his cards first is the winner.

How do you get rid of cards? You play matching cards from your hand onto the discard pile. Cards can match by number, color, or symbol. Cards on the Real World side are pretty reminiscent of regular UNO cards but with a Stranger Things twist: Draw One, Reverse, Skip, Wild Draw 2, Flip, and Wild Jim Hopper. With that last card, the player with the most cards gets to discard half of their hand.

But in the Upside Down, the actions become Draw 5, Reverse, Skip Everyone, Flip, Wild Draw Color, and Wild Eleven’s Waffle Card. That last one makes the player with the fewest cards have to draw cards until they get one with a waffle icon on it.

UNO Flip! Stranger Things Card Game

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We liked playing the original UNO Flip and think that this Stranger Things version is the perfect fit. Fans of the show will like the artwork of familiar characters, as well as flipping from the Real World to the Upside Down, just like on the show. This is a fun new addition to the classic gameplay.

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