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Editor's Review

How do you play Twister with no mat? With Twister Air, of course. This game uses the free Twister Air app and gives players colored wrist bands to wear so they can match the spots on the screen. 

There are a couple things you need to do before you start playing. First is, obviously, downloading the app to your smart device. (A tablet works best.) Second, you need to make sure you’re wearing the ankle bands and wrist bands correctly so that the app’s color recognition and tracking technology work. Set up your smart device in the included stand (or connect or cast to your TV), and give yourself plenty of room to move around. Once your bands have been calibrated, you can start playing. Just move your body to match your bands to the colored spots on your screen. 

The game comes with four Twister Air wrist bands, four Twister Air ankle bands, and a device stand with clip, base, and post. You can play the game with one or more players. 

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Should I get it?

This game reminds us of a dancing video game. And it’s definitely a workout. While no one is calling out “Left hand, yellow”, you might still get tangled up if you’re playing with two players. We like that there are different play modes so that you can play solo, competitively, or working together. 

There were a couple downsides to the game. First, you need a lot of space in order to play the full-body mode. The app needs to see your whole body in order to calibrate. You can play with arms only if space is an issue for you, and that’s certainly enough of a challenge. You also need to make sure your smart device is compatible. We tried using an older generation iPad, and the app kept crashing. It’s definitely better to play the game on a large screen, so if you can cast to your TV, that would be ideal. We also had trouble calibrating the game to our bands. It may take a couple tries to get your distance from your device right and good lighting also helps.


Update to Twister
3 play modes with 2 difficulty levels
Play full-body or arms-only
Silly, active fun



Space required for full-body mode

Difficulty calibrating the bands

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