Truly Me Dolls, Italian Souvenir Set, Airlines Cart, and Airplane Review

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Find a doll that looks just like you and then go on jet-setting adventures together through the dolls and accessories of American Girl’s Truly Me line. There are a variety of different pre-made dolls to choose from, each with different hair colors, hair styles, skin tones, and eye colors, allowing kids to choose the one who looks the most like them. In our video review, we’re showing you the #66 and #68 dolls. Now, usually these 18-inch soft-bodied dolls wear a star-themed outfit and can even come with Sparkle & Shine accessories, but you can also purchase travel-themed clothing for them. So our #66 doll is wearing the World Traveler in Italy outfit of a long dress, faux-leather sandals, and a straw fedora with turquoise hat band. Our #68 doll wears the World Traveler in Japan outfit of a mint green tank top, print paper bag waist pants, platform sandals, and a headband with pink sparkle pom-poms. Learn more about Italy and Japan, and how to make your own passport thanks to the travel brochures that each doll comes with. The dolls’ lifelike eyes open and close, they have realistic hair that can be styled, and their heads, arms, and legs move.

There are three accessory sets that help girls further play out the travel scenario. Take to the skies on American Girl Air Lines. This luxury cabin has a chair and lots of accessories to keep your doll comfy. An airline pillow, blanket, and fuzzy socks keep your doll warm while napping, and the eyemask blocks out light. For in-flight entertainment, the doll can hold the TV remote and wear headphones. When it’s mealtime, wheel out the platter to serve chicken, rice, broccoli, and a fruit cup, complete with a golden fork and two American Girl Air Lines fabric napkins. Snacks include a pretend cookie, and your doll’s choice of three different drink cans. If it’s a long flight, your doll can freshen up with the accessories inside her toiletry bag: toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, hand sanitizer, and lip balm. Check out what’s for sale in the shopping magazine or read up on other American Girls in the AG magazine. And make sure you review the flight safety card in case of emergencies. But if all of the cool accessories weren’t enough, the plane also has functioning overhead storage, a window with changeable night and day scenes, a light-up TV screen, a light-up drink storage compartment, and a flight attendant station. Press the TV button on the wall for different sounds as well as captain and flight attendant announcements unique to the four different TV screens that fit inside the TV.

For more variety of your in-flight service, check out the Air Lines Cart accessory. This food cart has wheels that really roll, as well as three drawers and gold accents. There’s a menu for each meal, a tray, and two plates with lids, plus two water bottles, two drink cans, two croissants, two waffles, a slice of bacon, a sandwich, a fruit cup, a raspberry tart dessert, and two bags of pretzels.

Now, obviously, your American Girl doll can go wherever she wants, but let’s say you want to travel to Italy. The Italian Souvenir Set has everything your doll needs to experience Italy. She can wear a woven straw purse with a shoulder strap and zip top that has the word “Ciao!” embroidered on the front. Enjoy a serving of lemon gelato with a strawberry on top served up in a pretty dish with a spoon. And three Italian postcards are perfect for pretending to send to friends back home. Use the included sticker sheet to decorate your homemade passport.

Truly Me Dolls, Italian Souvenir Set, Airlines Cart, and Airplane

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What I remember loving the most about American Girl when I was a kid were the accessories. And these dolls and playsets do not disappoint. The playsets and accessory set come with lots of fun pieces to inspire imaginative play. Nothing has been left out! And it will be so much fun for kids to own an American Girl doll that looks just like them, reflecting the many different faces of American Girls today.

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