Treasure X Robots Gold Mega Treasure Bot Review

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Editor's Review

The Treasure X Robots Gold: Mega Treasure Bot is a toy that figuratively speaking, wears a lot of hats. It has a ton of play features, and then some!

First though, let’s talk about the looks. The Mega Treasure Bot is imposing at about a foot tall. It’s much bigger than other standard Treasure Bots. True to form, Moose Toys doesn’t skimp on the details. Molded detail is present all over the body, and the red, gray, and gold color scheme is conveyed pleasingly via armor and mechanical limbs. The clear blue visor and skull on top is the crown jewel of the design, literally!

Now for the play features! You’ll need to provide 3 AAA batteries to access everything this guy has to offer. First off, you can take your multi-purpose mining tool and smash the rusted plate off the bot’s chest to reveal even more molded detail, and mechanical swag. Refuel by using the included packet of glittery oil gel to fill up the fuel compartment in the robot’s abdomen. Crush the crate in the Treasure Bot’s mighty claw to reveal some moldable, satisfyingly textured play sand that you can store in the Mega Bot’s shoulders, as well as a gold artifact! Stick the gold artifact in the Treasure bot’s chest to fully power it up! Press the button above the medallion to hear sounds and make the medallion glow. Take the hidden attachment behind the chest plate and affix it to your excavation tool to reveal one final surprise: an exclusive Goldcrown Treasure Bot piloting inside the head! Attach the chainsaw and drill arm to finally make the Mega Treasure Bot adventure ready. There’s so many play features packed into this one toy!

Treasure X Robots Gold Mega Treasure Bot

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Should I get it?

Absolutely! Any child head-over-heels for robots and action figures will love this toy. The Mega Treasure Bot sets out to do everything, and manages to hit every mark.


  • The molded detail is great, paintwork is clean.
  • The looks are superb with color separation and a combo of matte, metallic, and clear plastic.
  • There are lights and sounds.
  • You get an exclusive Goldcrown Treasure Bot, and fidget toys in the form of the oil slime, and play sand.
  • In summary, this toy has a ton of play features!


  • Batteries aren’t included.
  • Some features can only be done once.

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