Treasure X Monster Gold Review

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Editor's Review

Searching for hidden treasure just got spookier thanks to the new monster theme for Treasure X. Treasure X Monster Gold has 13 levels of adventure, starting with using the crowbar tool to pry open the coffin. You’ll dig through the spider web compound to find creepy items and ingredients, some of which can be mixed with water to form a bubbling slimy elixir. Pour that into the coffin and watch as the monster springs to life. There are six monster figures to collect, each one representing an iconic monster character. Each figure stands five inches tall and is missing a brain. Crack open the creature’s head to reveal a mystery glow-in-the-dark treasure and then place the brain inside the head to make the monster’s mouth open. Now you can store the treasure inside the brain jar.

Some of the monster figures have metallic finishes or are glow-in-the-dark. There’s even a rare gold monster. The more monsters kids collect, the more they can swap out body parts to create their own creepy creatures.

Treasure X Monster Gold

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Kids who are fans of the Treasure X series will like this new theme, but any kid who likes scary stuff and unboxings will have a blast searching through the coffin for hidden treasure and awakening the mystery monster. There’s a lot of play potential with the action figure and accessories after the unboxing, and kids will definitely want to collect more to mix and match the pieces.

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