Trash Stash, Donut Dash Games Review

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Editor's Review

Let’s start with ‘Trash Stash’! Draw cards and place trash pieces into the trash truck’s can. Then turn his arm to empty it into the truck! But watch out, the truck is getting full! Be the first player to get rid of all your trash pieces without making the truck upchuck to win!

Or how about donuts?! There’s Donut Dash! Watch the car race around dropping donuts while players rush to catch pastries that match their donut box. When you hear the car honking, be the first to press down on the driver’s head and steal two donuts! The player with the most matching donuts wins!

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Should I get it?

These are all great for kids ages 4 and up! 


  • These are easy games to understand
  • Multiple players can play at once
  • Sharpens kids focus and
  • It’s a great way to step away from devices


Both are sold separately.

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