TrapBall The Ultimate Ring Sliding Game Review

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Editor's Review

Test your skills and try to trap the balls in the game TrapBall. In this fast action game, two players compete to trap weighted balls inside rings by sliding the rings across the table and underneath the balls.

Set up the five balls in the center of the playing area, and give each player three rings. You’ll want to be at least one foot away from the balls, but the bigger the distance, the more of a challenge you’ll have. At the count of three, both players give a ring a push to make it slide across the table. If a ring slides underneath a ball and stops around a ball, the move is a success, and that player tries again with another ring. If the move is not a success, the player tries again with another ring or the same ring. And don’t think that your opponent will give you back a ring if it slides all the way to their side. A ring that doesn’t catch a ball can be immediately taken and used again by the player closest to it. The balls may also move during the game, and unless they fall off the table, they don’t get reset.

The first player to trap three balls wins.

TrapBall The Ultimate Ring Sliding Game

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This is definitely a challenging game, but the fast pace and head-to-head competition will make it a fun one for your next game night. You’ll want to play it over and over again.

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