Transformers Optimus Prime & Bumblebee Monster Treads Review

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Editor's Review

These Monster Treads trucks retain the trademark proportions of the toy line, with oversized wheels and a small cab, while also being visual interpretations of two iconic Transformers characters. The sculpt on the cab area is sharply defined, and color separation is achieved through a combination of different plastic colors, as well as paint apps. The proportions of each character are exaggerated and cartoony, sure to be appealing to younger fans of Transformers. They roll very smoothly on their large wheels, which have translucent plastic treading on the edges. Flip the switch on the underside to active a light feature that activates when you roll the front wheels. No need to worry about batteries, TOMY was kind enough to include the 3 AAAs necessary! The light turns on depending on the position of the wheel, so it will strobe as the truck slows down. A constant light feature isn’t built in, but if it’s rolling fast enough, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

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This is a sturdy and well made toy for young kids. The light feature is sure to captivate them just as much as the easy rolling!


  • The character sculpts are stylized and well defined.
  • They roll smoothly.
  • They have a built in light feature.
  • Batteries are included.


  • There is no option to have the light feature be constantly on.

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