Transformers Legacy Evolution Armada Powerlinx Hotshot, War Dawn 2-Pack, and Earthspark 1 Step Flip Changer Bumblebee Review

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Editor's Review

All three transformers in the Legacy Evolution group are deluxe class, standing about 5 inches tall. The two pack consists of Erial and Dion, inside windowless packaging with very nice art of them on what we think is Autobot City. The highlight of these two are their sculpts and sturdy paint jobs. The sculpted and molded detail is sharply defined and precise, with mechanical detailing throughout their bodies. The paint is also very well done, and is very scratch resistant, thankfully. Both Erial and Dion have nice articulation, able to nail most battle poses flat footed thanks to their ankle pivot. Some areas of poseability are closely tied to transformation steps, which can make posing finagley at times. Also, Dion’s limbs are plugged into his body via friction, so they may occasionally pop out. They stay in better than the old Generations Kup, thankfully.  They each come with a modest amount of accessories including blasters and energon snacks. Their transformations are 20 steps, and are just the right mix of intuitive and entertaining. If you’ve handled Generations Kup and Laser Cycle, you’ll know these transformations very well. 

Armada Hot Shot is my favorite of the three deluxes. He comes with his minicon Jolt, which has a transformation of his own, more blasters than he can hold, and modular blast effect parts. In addition to the same high quality detailing and paint, he has a moveable visor, nice articulation, with more ankle pivot action, multiple plug in points for his blasters, and a hidden cannon on his back, made from the front car axle. His transformation is also pretty satisfying to pull off, and you can even pretend he has working doors! There’s full accessory storage in alt mode as well. You love to see it! My only gripe is that you can see the hollowness of his legs in bot mode, arg!

Last up we have Earthspark 1 Step Flip Bumblebee. No prizes for solving this transformation, it’s engineered to be easy as pie! The hood and hips are on springs, which are weak enough to allow you to transform into bot mode and lock the legs in place, but strong enough to flip back to car mode automatically! The toy is light on paint, but that’s okay, being that this is for younger kids as an introduction to transformers. There is just enough to convey the iconic design of bumblebee in both forms. The sculpt, of course, is nicely done, conveying well the blocky, heroically cartoonish proportions of the Earthspark show. I’ll admit, it’s addicting to transform!

Powerlinx Hot Shot

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Should I get it?

All three sets offer something special. We highly recommend Armada Hot Shot! The wealth of accessories offers great play variety in one pack. The Erial and Dion two pack will please big-time modern G1 design collectors, but be warned that these molds will be very familiar. Earthspark Bumblebee is an affordable and effective intro to Transformers for youngsters. 


  • The deluxe figures are very well detailed in terms of sculpt and paint.
  • They have a nice amount of poseability for toys that fully transform.
  • The deluxes all come with accessories, a lot in Hotshot’s case
  • The transformations are just right, not too noodley, and not too simple either.
  • Earthspark Bumblebee’s spring-loaded mechanic also works really well! 


  • Some transformation points make posing difficult at times.
  • Dion’s limbs having the potential to come off, despite the beneficial limb rotation.
  • Hot Shot’s visibly hollow legs.

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