Transformers AutoBot Optimus Prime Converting RC Review

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Editor's Review

The Converting RC Optimus comes in a delightful retro style package, which even includes a little holographic corner showing off its transformation. The RC itself has great sculpted detail, with panel lines and rivets all over the cab of the truck. The hubcaps, bumper, grill and more are all chromed out, making it look even better. There’s just enough paint here to get all the details in, such as the light blue windshields and silver stripes along the cab.

6 AA batteries are included with this toy, which is much appreciated! 4 are in the RC, and 2 are in the controller. To start, just flip the switch underneath the truck, and press a button on the controller. Wait for it to pair, and you’re good to go; it’s that easy! The controller is quite simple, with forward and backward movement controlled on the left side, and turning on the right, plus two shoulder buttons as well, which we’ll explore in a minute. Optimus has a modest speed, which is fine for a big ol’ semi truck. Also like a semi, his turn radius is quite wide. It’s easier to come to a stop and then turn if you need to make a sharp one.

Now for the main event; press the left shoulder button to transform! The iconic sound plays as Optimus stands up before your eyes. Press the right shoulder button to hear Optimus talk. Take note as well of the lit up headlights and Optimus’ glowing eyes! Bot mode’s movement speed is similar to alt mode, but his parked turning is way more snappy! Optimus’s leg panels even mode to simulate walking, a nice little detail. Press the left shoulder again to transform back into alt mode.

Transformers AutoBot Optimus Prime Converting RC

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Should I get it?

Any young fan of Transformers would love this RC! Lights, sounds, a transformation, and full mobility in both modes. What’s not to love?


  • The sculpt and paint is clean.
  • Set up is very easy.
  • Batteries are included.
  • The light and sound features also add to the play immersion.
  • The transformation feature works perfectly!


  • One small con is that the speed isn’t terribly fast, but to be fair it’s not super slow either.
  • Turning in robot and alt modes feel very different, so you’ll need to get used to that.

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