Toys by People’s Mochi Teething Toys Review

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Editor's Review

Looking for soft, eco friendly teething toys for your growing toddler? Then look no further than the Toys by People’s Mochi Teething Jewelry Handy Charm, Teething Ring, Marca, Teething Plate, and Trumpet.  All of the toys are made of 51% rice from Japan and, as stated before, are entirely eco friendly. The Teething Jewelry Handy Charm has built-in jingling beads that will keep your baby entertained. The charm can be a necklace for a parent and a teether for the baby and it has a breakaway strap that is machine washable. The shape of the necklace is easy for babies to grasp and engages their senses as the bumps, ridges, and grooves soothes your baby’s sore gums. The Teething Ring is bright and colorful and it has tiny hoops that are fun for your baby to play with. The Marca has a gentle rattle sound so it doesn’t alarm your baby and a handle that’s easy to grasp. The marca also has sensory petals around the shaker that helps to engage your baby’s sense of discovery. The Teething Plate has a thin shape which makes it very lightweight, has a thumb hold for your baby to grasp it easily, and has a smooth, velvety texture that engages your baby’s sense of touch. The Trumpet has two different tones for your baby to make by blowing into the mouthpiece, an easy to grasp handle that makes it a breeze to carry it around, and it encourages musical exploration. Out of all of these toys, Riley really enjoyed the marca and trumpet most of all. He’s a big fan of music, so these toys gave him the opportunity to make his own sounds, plus they were super easy for him to carry around the house. He also enjoyed the teething plate because its smooth surface was easy on his sore gums. 

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These toys were great when your child is first teething and they are still a great toy when they are toddlers.


  • All of the toys can be used as teethers.
  • They’re eco friendly so you don’t have to worry about strange chemicals going into your baby’s mouth.
  • They all have unique traits so your baby won’t get bored playing with each of them. 


  • None!

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