Toomies My Best Friend E.T and Pop Up E.T Review

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Editor's Review

ET My Best Friend Mon Ami is ET in cuddly plush form ready to make some memories with your little one on earth. ET has 9 different phrases from the movie when you give his tummy a push! Or even listen to music from the movie in a sweet lullaby. His heart will glow when you give him a cuddle, just like in the movie! You can also both feel and hear the gentle beating of his heart during cuddle time— very sweet! There’s even a nighttime mode which features the classic movie theme as a soft lullaby along with the gentle night-light of his heart. What you may find interesting, is that in this mode the heart beats slower because its tries to match the resting heartbeat of mom! It’s a nice touch! You can do all this in either language setting, english or french!

Then there’s the ET Pop Up game. You can now bring ET into the Family Game Night activities! This is a quick, and very easy game for all members of the family to play. You get ET who hides inside the barrel and then each player grabs their corresponding color and take turns gently pressing sticks into the barrel. If E.T. dodges your stick, he’s safe and you’re safe, but if your stick snags E.T., you’ll send him flying and you’re out! Last one left is the winner!

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Should I get it?

ET the stuffed plush is greater kids as young as 12 months and the POP up games if for kids 4 and up!


  • Fun nostalgic toy for kids and adults
  • Both are interactive in their own way and
  • They’re small for easy on the go fun 


Well, for the Pop-up game he may pop up and hit something, but nothing ET can’t fix!

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