Tonka Commemorative 1968 Mighty Dump Truck Review

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This Steel Classic Mighty Dump Truck was inspired by the 1968 Tonka Dump Truck. It features a fire red cab, golden yellow dump, original markings, and a 75th anniversary badge, so you can dominate your job site in style. Made with steel – Tonka tough and designed to last! This sturdy truck is 17″ long with a movable truck bed built for the mightiest of hauls. Load, haul then tilt to dump sand, rocks or anything else aspiring builders imagine. This reliable truck has BIG tires that roll over anything- allowing it take charge in any construction zone!

Tonka Commemorative 1968 Mighty Dump Truck

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Inspired by the 1968 truck. The truck is sturdy and the wheels can drive on many different surfaces.

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