TMNT Mutant Mayhem Giant Raphael and Giant Leonardo Review

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Editor's Review

Giant Raph and Giant Leo are 12 inch tall action figure renditions of the character’s Mutant Mayhem appearance. Mutant Mayhem’s aesthetic makes use of very angular forms, and hatch marks, sort of like a clay sculpture before you totally smooth out the surfaces. This look does wonders for the movie, and these toys do a nice job of capturing that look, especially in the head sculpts and the fronts of their shells. The colors are done in a combination of molded plastic and very sturdy paint, which is cleanly applied and very bright. 12 inch figures of this “type”, (made from very sturdy plastic and intended for heavy play) usually don’t have incredible articulation, and these figures are no exception. Movement is limited to the head, shoulders, wrists, hips, and knees which bend less than 90 degrees. That being said, nearly every hinged articulation point can also rotate, so despite the small amount of movement points, you can still get some really cool looking poses going! This really surprised us in a good way. The dynamic look is aided by the flowing headband straps too, which is an excellent detail.

Leo comes with his twin katana, and Raph, his twin Sai. Each figure has a firm grip on their respective weapons, as well as storage when not in use. One thing to keep in mind is that while the weapons are not at all sharp in any way, they are quite firm, so encourage safe and responsible play while duking it out with mutants!

TMNT Giant Raphael

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When it comes to mass market 12 inch figures, this is just about as good as it gets! High quality sculpt and paint, accessories, accessory storage, and above average articulation? what’s not to love?


  • They’re very well sculpted and painted, looking very much like their on-screen counterparts.
  • They both include sturdy weapon accessories.
  • They have weapon storage.
  • While they do have limited articulation points, most of those articulation points are more versatile than you’d expect. 


  • The joint count is rather low, and the knees in particular are quite limited in their range.

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