Tiny TV Classics Friends and Back to the Future Review

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Editor's Review

Each Tiny TV comes with a remote, that really works! That’s right! Use your remote to turn your Tiny TV on, sit back, and enjoy channel surfing from scene to scene! The laughs never STOP! Each Tiny TV Classics will come with a custom back-drop scene to display your Tiny TV on. All Tiny TV’s come in four different TV styles – each designed to represent a different decade in time.

Enjoy 12 different clips from Friends season 4. It comes in the classic 90’s tv stand. The remote allows you to mute, change the channels and control the volume. When you’re done just clip the remote to the back of the TV set.

Or maybe Back to the Future is more your style? Watch some of the most famous scenes and quotes from Back to the Future, the original movie. This set comes decked out in the 80’s decade where the TV had knobs to change the channel. But, fret not, the remote control has buttons to control what scene you want to watch and at what volume!

Tiny TV Classics Friends and Back to the Future

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Should I get it?

There are plenty to collect! The videos and sound are clear and they’re tiny enough to travel with.

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