Tiny Ceramics Studio and Pastel Studio Craft Kits Review

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Editor's Review

Let out your inner artist with new Klutz activity books.

With Tiny Ceramics Studio, kids get the tools they need to sculpt, paint, and glaze more than 15 projects. Using paint, a turntable, air-dry clay, a roller, a paintbrush, shaping tools, glaze, and a paper mold, kids can make petite plates, itty-bitty bowls, wee vases, and more that can be painted with dots, stripes, spirals, and other fun painting designs. And all of the projects can really be used for something, such as a ring holder or a tiny planter.

Pastel Studio comes with 24 oil pastels, two blending sticks, and an instruction book with 20 pieces of art to color, as well as instructions for different coloring techniques using the pastels. Kids will learn how to blend, shade and layer, make something look like it has fur, and more. There’s practice space on these pages before kids move on to the coloring pages. Each coloring page is perforated so kids can easily remove it for coloring and display.

Tiny Ceramics Studio and Pastel Studio Craft Kits

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Each of these kits introduces kids to a different artistic technique, and they’ll be perfect for kids with an interest in arts and crafts. We like how Klutz makes everything easy for beginner artists, showing kids specific ways to do something but always encouraging kids to get creative and make their art their own.

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