The Worst-Case Scenario Card Game Review

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Editor's Review

The game starts by choosing who has the worst survival skills to go first. On your turn, you are designated the “victim” since the scoring of that round is based on your judgment.

You first flick the spinner that determines how that round is scored. This relies on luck as some scoring options are higher than others. Once that’s determined you flip over five cards and everyone reads the five different scenarios on the table.

Once you’ve read all five cards, you have to think about which one to you is the least bad scenario, and so on, all the way until you know which one is the worst.

You then have your five colored chips that are ranked 1-5 (and are labeled from “Bad”, “Very Bad”, “Awful”, “Horrible”, and “The Worst”). Place them face down, so no one can see, at the bottom of each card. You place the chips where you say that they fall in the order you think those cards are from only “Bad” all the way up to “The Worst”.

The other players will also place their colored chips, that are the same ranking as yours, in the order they believe you will rank the scenarios from bad to worst.

Whoever matches your answers gets points and as the victim, you also get those points on every matched answer.

The round ends and the next player to the left is now the victim and the play is repeated.

This goes on until all the rounds are completed and the one with the highest score wins.

The Worst-Case Scenario Card Game

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Total of 6 players can play at once. It’s a simple game to play and understand. Other from that it’s just a fun night with friends and fears.

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