The World of Peter Rabbit Crystal Art Sets Review

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Editor's Review

This is fun for any arts and crafts fan and even Peter Rabbit fans! All sets come in a framed canvas. All sizes vary depending on which one you get. Each Crystal Art design has a numbered, adhesive template. Using the handy pick up pen, which is included, simply lift up the colored crystals and place them on the corresponding numbered dots on your project. The crystals affix instantly! Once you’ve finished adding all the crystals, the result is a sparkly Peter Rabbit wall art which you can use to decorate in your home or gift.

The World of Peter Rabbit Crystal Art Sets

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This is great for kids ages 8 and up who like arts and crafts!


  • Relaxing arts and crafts project
  • The crystals are pre-sorted
  • A pickup pen is included
  • When done you can place it in your home or gift


  • This is a lengthy project which can take some time to complete but depending on what you’re looking for this can also be a pro.

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