The Very Hungry Caterpillar Rainbow Picnic Game Review

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Editor's Review

In the book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, the main title character eats through a rainbow of food. And those colorful treats, plus more, are part of The Very Hungry Caterpillar Rainbow Picnic game. This is a food matching game where players must fill their rainbows to win.

On your turn, draw a card and do what the card says. If you draw a Color card, you get to select a matching food token from the board and place it on your rainbow board. A Heart card means you get to take any food token from the board and place it on your rainbow. An Ant card forces you to return a food token from your rainbow. If it’s a Fruit card, you get to take any food token from another player and add it to your rainbow. When someone draws a Rainbow card, all players pass their boards and the food tokens on them to the player on the left. And a Picnic Basket card forces all players to pass one food token from their rainbow to the player on their right. 

Once you’ve completed the card’s action, discard the card, and now it’s the next player’s turn. Play continues until one player has filled their rainbow board with a food token of each color. That player wins!

The game comes with a game board, four rainbow collection boards, 36 playing cards, and 24 picnic food tokens with stands. You can play the game with two to four players.

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This is a cute and easy-to-learn game that helps preschoolers with colors and matching. It also exposes kids to a variety of food types, helping them to identify the foods and encouraging some communication over which foods are their favorites, which ones they’d like to try, etc. Of course, that requires parent participation in the play. 

This is a colorful game with artwork that mimics what parents and kids see in the Eric Carle book, and kids will like pretending to be the caterpillar as they “eat” through a rainbow of foods.


Easy to learn
Helps with color recognition and matching
Artwork designs from the book
Different cards change up the gameplay



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