The Real Cotton Candy Maker Review

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Editor's Review

Make real cotton candy with The Real Cotton Candy Maker! It comes with the cotton candy maker unit, eight paper cones, and a plastic measuring spoon. It does not come with any sugar, but it works just fine with regular white granulated sugar.

To make the cotton candy, you’ll need to turn on the unit and wait for the red warming up light to turn green. The first couple times we tried this, the unit would shut itself off before turning green. Eventually, it stayed on long enough to turn green. We don’t know what that was all about. 

Then you use the provided measuring spoon to add four level spoonfuls of fine sugar very slowly into the cap unit. (This will make one cotton candy cone.) As the sugar filters down into the unit, it will melt and turn into wispy strands. Move a cotton candy cone counter-clockwise while twirling it to grab the wisps. Once one cone is complete, you can slowly add more sugar to make another cone. 

There are suction cups on the base of the unit, however, those did not stick well. We had to hold the bowl in place while it was on to keep it from shaking off the table. 

Obviously, young kids are going to want to make and eat the cotton candy, but this unit is to be used only by those ages 14 and up because the mechanism inside the bowl does get hot. 

The unit will automatically shut off after a 38-minute cycle. When done, you’ll need to leave the machine running for three to four minutes without adding sugar, and then let it cool for 30 minutes before disassembly and cleaning.

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Should I get it?

When used with regular white sugar, it looks like cotton candy and it tastes like plain sugar. No complaints here! But you’ll probably want to buy colored sugar or one of The Real Cotton Candy Maker refill packs in order to have the traditional cotton candy flavors and colors. This would work well for a birthday party, family gathering, or any time you and your kids want a sweet treat.


Easy to make the cotton candy
Looks just like cotton candy at the circus or carnival
Tastes pretty good
Fun to watch sugar turn into cotton candy


Doesn’t come with any sugar
Ours had trouble staying on at first
Suction cups don’t work well

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