The Original Koosh Flix Stix Review

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Editor's Review

The fun of lacrosse meets the Koosh ball for a new take on the classic game of catch. Each Original Koosh Flix Stix set comes with two Flix Stix and one Koosh Ball, and the object is to pass the Koosh back and forth. The large pocket on the Flix Stix makes it easy to scoop up the ball and then flick it to your partner across your backyard, a field, or the beach. See how far you can flick it and how long you can keep passing the Koosh back and forth!

The Original Koosh Flix Stix

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The Koosh ball has a great tactile feel and so do the sticks with their textured grips. This elevates the classic game of catch with a nice lacrosse-inspired feel. It will provide a lot of outdoor fun for the whole family.


  • Tactile feel of the Koosh ball
  • Easy to learn
  • New take on catch
  • Fun & active outdoor play


  • None

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